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Jholawala Films is a development communication organisation. We specialise in communication for and about development. Our goal is to apply state-of-the-art communication tools and strategies to address social issues in the most effective manner. Jholawala Films uses various communication tools including documentary films and animation films to highlight inequities and foreground human rights violations stemming from power and affecting the lives of every individual. We empower individuals and communities to transform their stories of exploitations, exclusions and abuses to powerful tools for justice, promoting public advocacy and policy change.

At Jholawala Films, we create documentaries, animation films, video training materials, and social spots.
We guide and facilitate training on communication strategy and content creation for various communication platforms.
Develop a communication strategy for advocacy campaigns and development programmes.

Collaborate and partner with other organisations, and people to encourage participation, inclusiveness and responsiveness of marginalised communities to claim their rights.

We envisage a just and equitable world where all individuals and communities are able to claim and uphold their human rights.

 We believe in the fundamental principles of human rights.
- Creating positive change to defend and uphold the rights of individuals and communities.
- Collaborate with partnership to encourage participation, inclusion and responsiveness.
- We believe that people must have access to resources and strategies that empower and engage individuals and communities.
- Engage in a continued learning and resource-sharing to promote innovation to advance human rights.

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